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Natural plastics

Plastics are most widely used in industrial and commercial productions. Plastic are created from two sources natural and synthetic. Regular plastic does not meet any degradability and leaves for millions in nature leaving dangerous impact. Natural plastic are produce from fossil of trees, plants which are in the form of rubber. It requires relatively less energy to produce than regular plastics. Plastics has greater demand and used variedly in many product form from a clip to big industry. Mainly use of plastics is found in packaging materials. Natural plastic is biodegradable in nature and does not leave any harmful effects on environment. On the other hand automobile plastic has 20% use of plastic with toys manufacturing.

Natural Plastics are man-made materials that come from natural resources such as oil, gas and coal (fossil fuels). These valuable resources were formed from prehistoric plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.


  • High impact strength
  • Good low temperature resistance
  • Good electrical properties
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Our Products

  • shopping bags

    From our extensive range of products, our valued clients can avail eco-friendly and recyclable Biodegradable Shopping Bags. The offered bag finds extensive application in commercial malls, hotel industries, pharmaceutical companies, medical shops, etc., and is widely exported because of its sturdiness, attractive design, fine finish and durability

    Shopping Bags

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    Food Packaging

  • grocerry bags

    Grocery Bags

  • fabric rolls

    Colored Fabric Rolls

  • mulching films

    Agri Mulching Films

  • plain fabric

    Plain Fabric

“Being as a research team, Brain Chamber is working on new segments of natural plastics. We are also dealing with some material and industrial labs to define these new segments of commercial natural plastics without disturbing existing machinery set ups”